March 2017 Event

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March Event Review: “Storytelling for Maximum Influence: How to Tell Great Stories That Will Enroll Stakeholders in Your Product Vision” with Dan Kimble, CEO of Resonance Executive Coaching

By Geoff Anderson

The session began with an exercise: first turn to your neighbor and articulate something you are passionate about (it could be anything).  The second step was to reverse places with your partner, and the third step was to move to a different part of the room and repeat the exercise with an unfamiliar person. Read more

February 2017 Event

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February Event Review: “Advocacy Marketing and its Value to Product Management” with Dan Lindblom, Board of Directors at Customer Stories

By Vinesh Thakur

We live in a commodity driven business world that is run by social media.  Every purchase on Amazon is dictated by customer reviews and star ratings associated with every profile.  This business trend, which has been prevalent in B2C markets for a long time, has also started to penetrate the B2B world.  On Feb. 1st 2017, Dan Lindblom gave an interesting talk about the increasing importance of advocacy marketing.  Advocacy marketing is a form of marketing in which existing customers promote products or services they use.  It is gaining importance as the scope of the sharing economy increases, and macroeconomic trends shift from an ownership to a subscription economy. Read more

January 2017 Event

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January Event Review: “Rules for Disrupting Sleepy Markets” with Guru Chahal, VP of Products at Avi Networks

By Dan Galatin

Guru Chahal gave an informative presentation steeped with knowledge from practical experience at the January 11th meeting of the SVPMA.  Somewhat unusually for this type of talk, Guru’s focus was not on how to launch a hot startup innovating in a brand-new product space.  Rather, Guru explained how you can better disrupt existing, somewhat commoditized or “sleepy” markets by following a distinct set of rules.  He effectively demonstrated these rules by drawing on stories from his own real-world experience. Read more