December 2011 Event

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“The Tyranny of Benchmarking” with Mike Harding, Vice President of Juniper Networks

by Nate Zou

Mike Harding is an entrepreneur; mixing business and technology to solve hard problems. Over his 25-year career, Harding has founded seven startups and has had four successful exits. Two of these were dismal failures, for which Mike bears complete responsibility. He indicates that these failures represent at their worst “the most expensive business school in the world” and at their best “the most valuable learning experience about business, technology, and self.” Read more

November 2011 Event

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“The Journey of Mobile Computing – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” with Anthony Yung, Group Manager, Product Management, Intel

by Dan Galatin

Anthony Yung, Group Manager of Product Management at Intel, presented at the November 2nd meeting of the SVPMA.  Mr. Yung discussed the history of mobile computing, major milestones over the years, and some of the lessons learned from notable product successes and failures.  Although he focused his analysis on mobile computing, many of the themes he introduced naturally apply to other quickly-evolving sectors as well.

Mr. Yung demonstrated the usefulness of taking a “big history” approach in understanding the development of mobile computing over the decades.  In this approach, Read more

October 2011 Event

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“Managing Products in the Mobile App World” with Etay Gafni, Owner, Bright Act LLC

by Tej Ravindra

Etay Gafni, an experienced mobile app consultant and owner of Bright Act LLC, addressed the whys and hows of Mobile Product planning and product management for mobile devices.

In addition to the best practices of product management, If you are planning product for a mobile device, take into account the speed of change in mobile technology, the large number of variations of the hardware: Screen sizes, inputs, CPU, memory and the different OS.

While most companies consider going into the mobile space as a no brainer, it is important to stop and ask 2 important questions: Read more

The Perfect Partnership

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The Perfect Partnership by Greg Geracie

Companies often struggle to maintain a good balance between their market activities and their product development efforts. The fact is – most new products are not ready for prime time. This circumstance leads to products that deliver less value than anticipated or fail altogether. This inability of organizations to effectively bring products to market often creates a significant drag on companies’ ability to innovate and compete in today’s rapidly changing marketplaces.

There are a significant number of reasons why it’s so challenging to effectively bring products to market. Some are external, such as changing market conditions or shifting customer needs. However, many problems result from internal challenges such as overstretched contributors, the wrong mix of skills, poorly understood processes, and misalignment between the core team members in the value creation process. Read more

September 2011 Event

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“The Marketing Side of Agile: 10 Secrets for Success”

with Ron Brown CEO of United Keys

Ron Brown, patent holder, corporate spokesperson and author of the book, Anticipate, The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success, on promoting creativity and innovation at the team level, presented at the September 7th meeting of SVPMA.

Ron’s career spans three industries. One third of his career was in the packaged goods advertising industry where he learned principles of professional creative problem solving. The second third he spent in high-tech hardware and software companies, where he learned about supply chains and distribution channels. One third has been within Silicon Valley internet startups. His career includes experience at Nestle, international ad agencies J. Walter Thompson and BBDO. At JWT, Brown managed the HP computers and printers businesses. As VP Corporate Marketing at Wyse Technology, he gained global channels, distribution, and corporate marketing experience. As president at, he built one of the fastest growing consumer internet sites.  

Brown said that the failure rate for new product entries has been increasing. Whereas 50 years ago, most new products were successful, twenty years ago the failure rate was 50%, while it is 70% in today’s business environment. He set out to discover what knowledge leading companies have about new product innovation that distinguishes them from their industry peers. He started by digging through 60 years of industry research about product success, then he interviewed developers and managers from a wide range of companies.  

Brown defines “leading companies” as those that generate Read more

Make the Shift to Proactive Product Management

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Read more

August 2011 Event

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“Understanding the Buyer – How Can You Drive Business with Digital Body Language?”
with Steven Woods, Chief Technology Officer, Eloqua

by Dan Galatin

Steven Woods, founder and Chief Technology Officer at Eloqua presented at the August 3rd meeting of the SVPMA. He discussed how the buying process has changed over the past decade in the face of the ascendency of internet search and online social media.

Mr. Woods began by discussing the typical buying process for a fairly complex enterprise product and delivered some general observations about buying today: it’s online, it’s all about the buyer, and it’s complicated. Read more

July 2011 Event

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Gamification: Why it’s important and what it means for your product” with Rajat Paharia, founder and Chief Product Officer of Bunchball

reviewed by Cindy Solomon

Rajat Paharia,founder and Chief Product Officer of Bunchball, presented “Gamification” an emerging trend that is influencing product design and marketing programs. If you haven’t heard about it yet, and you are in product marketing or product management, you will. Simply, gamification is adding elements of game mechanics into marketing programs and actual products to more deeply engage the user. These principles are becoming ubiquitously applied to everything from physical therapy, to social sites such as Foursquare, numerous loyalty programs, and user training by Microsoft. Nissan even developed an in-dashboard game to motivate fuel efficient driving behavior, and Atlassian Greenhopper employs it in new-user product training.

Rajat’s skill set combines a unique understanding of technology and design Read more

June 2011 Event

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“Have we reached the end of B2B marketing in the IT industry as we know it?” with Ann Ruckstuhl, Marketing Executive at Symantec

Reviewed by Tej Ravindra

Ann launched her June 1st talk to our SVPMA group with the following premise. The trifecta of IT consumerization, Internet and the lingering recession has caused fundamental shifts to B2B marketing. The fast pace of IT consumerization mandates marketers to keep pace with the ever expanding and accelerating rate of technology adoption. Unstructured information flow, social media and user generated content have redefined the marketing communications process as well as the sales landscape. In the quest for more direct, efficient and measurable marketing channels, B2B marketers have aggressively embraced B2C marketing best practices, fundamentally changing the way their market to businesses at large. In fact, for many B2B companies, Google and their websites have already become their best sales person.

Ann observes that B2B technology marketing will have to adapt to the shift in the buying behavior of IT organizations which are mimicking consumer buying behavior. Read more

May 2011 Event

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“Beyond Projects: Creating A Winning Product Portfolio” with Walter Sun, Principal, PRTM

by Dan Galatin

Walter Sun, a Principal with the management consulting firm PRTM, presented at the May 4th meeting of the SVPMA. He discussed best practices for managing a portfolio of products to maximize its value to the business.

Mr. Sun began by defining product portfolio management as the set of business processes and capabilities that Read more