December 2012 Event

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“Creating New Products – A Case Study on Application of Proven Principles that Work” with Alexander Cowan, CTO, Leonid Systems

By Cindy F. Solomon

At the December 5, 2012 meeting of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association meeting held at Tech Mart in Santa Clara, Alexander Cowan, CTO, Leonid Systems presented “Creating New Products – A Case Study on Application of Proven Principles that Work” For over 15 years, Alex has been helping companies apply technology to increase their performance. Most recently, Alex served as Director of Professional Services at BroadSoft, a leading provider of VoIP application platforms. Prior to BroadSoft, Alex served as Director of Sales Engineering at SOMA Networks (WiMAX equipment provider).

Before SOMA, Alex was a manager at Scout Electronics where he was responsible for product definition, customer experience, product promotion, and analytics. Alex began his career founding LinkLite Consulting, which now operates as GovPlace. Alex has experience in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish-speaking operating environments.  Alex is the author of Starting a Tech Business, about bringing ideas to life. Alex studied Industrial Engineering and Economics at Stanford University.

Alex shared specific case studies and provided an integrated viewpoint of what new product development Read more

Featured Article

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Lean Resources and Grand Ambitions: The Danger of Wearing Multiple Hats (on Product Development Teams)

 By Greg Geracie

In the recent Study of Product Team Performance©, 2012 we asked survey respondents what role they played in their organization. We then asked if they were playing multiple roles on the product team.

 The actual question was “If you play multiple roles, which best describes your secondary role?” Read more

November 2012 Event

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Lessons learned in the trenches with 1) Alan Lewis, Principal Product Manager,, 2) Darayush Mistry, Sr. Director of Product Management, and 3) Miriam Geller, Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Mail. Moderator, Mike Freier, President, SVPMA and Product Management Consulting Group

By Pushpa Chandrashekaraiah

SVPMA’s Monthly event featured a three-person panel with representation from both consumer and enterprise businesses. They shared lessons they learned throughout their product management careers. They provided great tips on several specific topics related to challenges based on company size, business type and customer base. Some of the topics discussed were:

1) Lessons learned – biggest, hardest and most surprising Read more

Featured Article

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Gamification – more than just points, badges and leaderboards!

By Lesley Brownlie

Gamification is becoming a much more common business practice. The definition of gamification is intentionally broad since there are many different ways of incorporating game design thinking and techniques into non-game contexts. Gamification can be applied to:
· external business processes (customer engagement)
· internal business engagement (employee productivity)
· personal behavior change (health and wellness)

In general, the goal of gamification is to change user (or more appropriately ‘player’) behavior by designing fun and Read more

October 2012 Event

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“Marketing the Experience: Applying Product Management Concepts to Services and Events” with Dr. Juan P. Montermoso, President at Montermoso Associates

 By Dan Galatin


Juan Montermoso, President at Montermoso Associates and Professor of Practice in Marketing at Santa Clara University, presented at the October 3rd meeting of the SVPMA.  Dr. Montermoso discussed new elements that the successful marketing of services requires, beyond the traditional “4 P’s”.

As consumers, we are all familiar with how the quality of experience affects our perception of service from many industries, from food and hospitality, to travel, to financial services, to education.  Experiences and services are deeply intertwined.  All told, services constitute almost two-thirds of global GDP; even in developing countries, a significant portion of GDP is from services.

Most product managers use the 4 P’s of marketing – product, price, promotion and place – to distinguish their products from competitors.  Dr. Montermoso argued that to deliver great services, we must go further.  He introduced 3 additional “P’s” Read more

September 2012 Event

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“Estimating Business Value” with Chris Sims, Founder, Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer at Agile Learning Labs

By Tej Ravindra

September’s SVPMA meeting was a rare treat. The audience was actively engaged in hand on estimation, ROI analysis and planning scrums.

Chris Sims, an experience Scrum master presented the philosophy and the practice of Agile methodology: How scrums can be used to help build products Read more

Featured Article

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“Wanna Know the Secret to Becoming an Awesome PM?  Tips from the Trenches.”

 By Arrielle Mali

No matter where you are in your career, there’s always room for improvement.  If you can minimize product endangerment by learning from other’s mistakes while honing your skills in the process, wouldn’t you want to know how?

When you’re starting out, everyone will have a point of view where the product should go.  Although you need to talk to all the stakeholders and understand their points of view, Read more

Book Review

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Product managers could learn a lot from “Lessons in Agile Management”

by Greg Cohen

David Anderson has been a tremendous influence on my thinking over the years, and he ranks in the top few authors whose writing is always a must read. He just released a new book Lessons in Agile Management and it is a fascinating readIn the book, Anderson brings together diverse bodies of knowledge from queuing theory Read more

August 2012 Event

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“Benefits Realization: The competitive Advantage” with Prashanth Naidu Director, Office of CIO at Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

By Pushpa Chandrashekaraiah

Prashanth Naidu leads Strategic and Financial Planning, Portfolio Management and Executive Communications. He discussed how critical it is to set specific goals, measure them consistently and adopt the outcomes to improve processes in his IT Department. He generalized the topic to include rolling out a new project, product or a process.

“Measuring business values is more important than just identifying them”.

Setting corporate goals and priorities

Corporate objectives are always quite broad and deep. Prashanth emphasized multiple times that the goals should be very specific and detailed. A Governance Model any project adopts has 4 steps Read more

July 2012 Event

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“PM Lessons Learned from Companies Big and Small” with Dane Glasgow, VP of Global Product Management at eBay

By Dan Galatin

Dane Glasgow, Vice President of Global Product Management at eBay, presented at the July 11th meeting of the SVPMA.  He shared the story of his career journey and some of the lessons he learned along the way.

Dane launched his tech world career doing digital video production in high school by participating in a focus group providing feedback on the company’s software.  He was so enthusiastic about the company that he told them he would work for free.  That summer, he was hired as an intern.  From this experience, he learned Lesson #1: “Lucky people are open to possibilities”.  In other words, Read more