December 2016 Event

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December Event Review: “Minimum Lovable Products” with Glen Lipka, Head of Magic (PM/UX) at Engagio

By Vinesh Thakur

At the December 7th session of SVPMA, Glen Lipka, Head of Magic (PM/UX) at Engagio talked about what it means to make a product “Lovable.”  Glen has had the opportunity to build a product from scratch multiple times, and his insight about the little things a Product Manager can do to make their product lovable is particularly interesting. Read more

Guest Post: How do you become a Chief Product Officer?

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By Peter Franks

Of all the C-level functions, the Chief Product Officer role is one of the newest and most important.  Within my own headhunting career, the role has emerged from relative obscurity to become one of the searches we are most frequently asked to undertake. Read more

October 2016 Event

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October Event Review: “Presenting for Impact: Skills to Increase Influence and to get Results” with Mayla Clark, Stanford Leadership Academy Coach, Principal at Executive Speaking Skills

By Geoff Anderson

There are three key takeaways from this session:

  • Presence – how you deliver the presentation
  • Organization – how to create impactful presentations, and not fill with fluff
  • Thinking on your feet – how to handle unpredictable exchanges

Read more

September 2016 Event

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September Event Review: “How Well Do You Know Your Customer?” with Laura Klein, Author, Principal of Users Know

By Dan Galatin

Laura Klein gave an informative and entertaining presentation at the September 7th meeting of the SVPMA, focusing on a useful framework for understanding users and their needs: the User Map.  Laura started by asking a provocative question to the audience: How well do you know your users?  It’s imperative for product managers to know the users of their products thoroughly, and be able to disseminate this knowledge to the rest of the team so you can make more effective decisions. Read more

August 2016 Event

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August Event Review: “Software Monetization for the Now! Economy” with Austin Chiu, VP Sales and Marketing, Gemalto

By Geoff Anderson


Trends and Dynamics

Since the year 2000, fully 50% of the Fortune 500 companies have dropped off the Fortune listings.  Furthermore, the S&P 500 firms currently have an average tenure of just 17 years (whereas in the first half of the 20th century, it was 40 – 60 years.  Clearly, the market dynamics at the top are changing, and the speed of the business cycle is increasing. Read more

July 2016 Event

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July Event Review: “Are We There Yet?” – A Business Simulation to Learn How Cross-Functional Teams Can Contribute to Improved Product Performance” with Steven Haines, founder of Sequent Learning Networks

By Tej Ravindra

July’s SVPMA topic was a fresh look at how the role of the product manager is to drive the thinking of the product as a business. Read more

June 2016 Event

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June Event Review: “How to Increase Mobile Conversion by 30X” with SC Moatti, CEO & Founder of Products That Count

By Dan Galatin

SC Moatti led a thought-provoking discussion of the state of mobile products today and some fundamental techniques that product teams can use to help make their apps stand out in a highly competitive field.  SC began by acknowledging the challenges that mobile product teams face: resources are limited both internally and externally.  Even physically speaking, teams have limited screen real estate to work with.  The good news is that today everything can be instrumented – you can track everything users do with your app. Read more

May 2016 Event

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May Event Review: “What do you do when Google competes with you for FREE!” with Mike Trigg, COO Hightail

By Pushpa Chandrashekaraiah

Mike Trigg, COO of Hightail, took the SVPMA audience through Hightail’s journey in their ever-changing market landscape.  He highlighted several lessons learned and how the company worked together to find unique positioning and business success. Read more

April 2016 Event

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April Event Review: “Landing the First Customer and Beyond: Reflections and Recommendations”

By Geoff Anderson

Moderator: Alex Cowan: Entrepreneur, Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Darden School of Business

The Panel:

Ciara Peter: Head of Product, BetterWorks

Debashish Sinha: CEO, Zen Nut

Laura Klein: Entrepreneur and author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products

Muffi Ghadiali: Product Management, ChargePoint Inc.

The topic of discussion was the acquisition of the first customer at a startup.  The moderator and panelists each had a unique and interesting story to tell. Read more

March 2016 Event

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March Event Review: “A Playbook for Achieving Product-Market Fit” with Dan Olsen

By Rohan Balwani

Dan Olsen, product management consultant and author of The Lean Product Playbook, presented a step by step guide to pivoting and refining your product until you achieve product-market fit. Read more