November 2017 Event

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November Event Review: “Three Reasons Why People Buy Your Product (and Why They Should Guide Everything You Do)” with Jamie Barnett, High Technology Leader, Adjunct Lecturer, and Pot-Stirrer.

By Steven Xiao

Persuading people to sacrifice their time, money, self-esteem or the like for another item is by no means easy, yet this is a burden of love on a product manager’s shoulders.  Over a course of an hour, Jamie Barnett introduced SVMPA members to a fundamental framework with heuristic methodology and a facilitated a role play. Read more

September 2017 Event

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September Event Review: “Recruiter Panel – How do recruiters really evaluate product managers?” with Tom Brouchoud, Director of Talent Acquisition at Visa; Britt Thomas, HR Operations at Synopsis; Amanda Hippe, Recruiting Strategist of Design and Product Management at Intuit; and Pramod Shintri, Talent Acquisition Lead at Phantom

By Jackie Holland

At the Silicon Valley Product Management Association’s September event, senior recruiters from leading companies that hire professionals in product management and product marketing weighed in on some of the opportunities and challenges that face today’s product managers.  Over the course of an hour, the panelists explored the state of the hiring market, skills needed to be a product manager, the hiring process from beginning to end, steps recruiters take to help the selection of the right candidate, and the general rules and guidelines for hiring. Read more

July 2017 Event

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July Event Review: “An Inside Look at the Customer Discovery and Product Development Process” with Kayla Matheus, Founder and CEO of

By Dan Galatin

How do you become an entrepreneur without an MBA or software development background?  Kayla Matheus addressed this and many other provocative questions at the July 12th meeting of the SVPMA. Read more

June 2017 Event

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June Event Review: “Comfortable Networking Techniques That Will Make Your Career” with Theresa Lina Stevens, founder and president, Lina Group Inc.

By Geoff Anderson

The June SVPMA monthly event was about 75 minutes of an engaging presentation and discussion on the topic of networking, something that is essential to helping you grow throughout your career, and to keep you engaged.  Yet the act of “networking” brings a wide range of emotions from those who are naturals, to those who are reluctant networkers at best.  Theresa brought clarity and some common sense advice that will be useful regardless of your proclivities. Read more

May 2017 Event

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May Event Review: “Product Management for the Internet of Things (IoT)” with Daniel Elizalde, Founder of TechProductManagement

By Dan Galatin

Daniel Elizalde presented a fascinating talk on what it takes to manage products for the Internet of Things at the May 3rd meeting of the SVPMA.  There is a tremendous amount of hype surrounding IoT, starting from the oft-repeated claim that by 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices.  Many products have been introduced that don’t appear to be that useful, sometimes laughably so (a connected fork or a smart egg tray, anyone?).  Nevertheless, there are also many products that have significant impact on our daily lives (such as the Nest thermostat and critical infrastructure monitoring).  The number of companies involved in IoT presents a tremendous opportunity to product managers.  In 7-10 years, the majority of products will be connected. Read more

April 2017 Event

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April Event Review: “Owning and Expanding Your Executive Presence” with JD Schramm, Ed.D., Class of 1978 Lecturer, Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business

By Vinesh Thakur

How do we identify a leader?  Why would we spend time and money just to hear him/her talk?  What is it that makes them different?  In the April 5th session of SVPMA, JD Schramm shed light on the effect of Executive Presence on a leader’s ability to effectively communicate to and lead people.  Executive presence is a recipe of skills that enhances the perception of an individual as a leader.  It provides a sense of confidence in a leader’s ability to make critical decisions in stressful situations.  It is what distinguishes them from the crowd and makes people stop and listen when they talk. Read more

March 2017 Event

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March Event Review: “Storytelling for Maximum Influence: How to Tell Great Stories That Will Enroll Stakeholders in Your Product Vision” with Dan Kimble, CEO of Resonance Executive Coaching

By Geoff Anderson

The session began with an exercise: first turn to your neighbor and articulate something you are passionate about (it could be anything).  The second step was to reverse places with your partner, and the third step was to move to a different part of the room and repeat the exercise with an unfamiliar person. Read more

February 2017 Event

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February Event Review: “Advocacy Marketing and its Value to Product Management” with Dan Lindblom, Board of Directors at Customer Stories

By Vinesh Thakur

We live in a commodity driven business world that is run by social media.  Every purchase on Amazon is dictated by customer reviews and star ratings associated with every profile.  This business trend, which has been prevalent in B2C markets for a long time, has also started to penetrate the B2B world.  On Feb. 1st 2017, Dan Lindblom gave an interesting talk about the increasing importance of advocacy marketing.  Advocacy marketing is a form of marketing in which existing customers promote products or services they use.  It is gaining importance as the scope of the sharing economy increases, and macroeconomic trends shift from an ownership to a subscription economy. Read more

January 2017 Event

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January Event Review: “Rules for Disrupting Sleepy Markets” with Guru Chahal, VP of Products at Avi Networks

By Dan Galatin

Guru Chahal gave an informative presentation steeped with knowledge from practical experience at the January 11th meeting of the SVPMA.  Somewhat unusually for this type of talk, Guru’s focus was not on how to launch a hot startup innovating in a brand-new product space.  Rather, Guru explained how you can better disrupt existing, somewhat commoditized or “sleepy” markets by following a distinct set of rules.  He effectively demonstrated these rules by drawing on stories from his own real-world experience. Read more