History of SVPMA

It all started during the Spring of 2000.

Bill Kong, a product manager in the Silicon Valley attended a training class given by Pragmatic Marketing. One of the benefits of the class was getting to interact with others working in or with product management groups.

Bill and other attendees lamented that there was no organization that allowed them to discuss issues with others who may have similar problems or better yet, someone who may have already solved a particular issue and was willing to share the solution with others.

Included in the materials of the Pragmatic Marketing program was access to their online bulletin board, which allowed attendees to post questions and see all the replies. Bill posted a question about whether anyone would be interested in the formation of a group to discuss many of the issues that had been talked about informally at the training class.

Given the outstanding response on just the bulletin board, Bill arranged (with the blessing of the folks at Pragmatic Marketing) to send a message to folks in the San Francisco Bay area who had taken the same training course and might be interested in forming a fledgling group.