Topic and Speaker:

"How to Facilitate Work on Product Teams" with David Fradin, President at Spice Catalyst

Saturday, July 21st from 8:30am to 12noon


Embassy Suites Santa Clara – Silicon Valley
(conference rooms are on the 2nd floor)
2885 Lakeside Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054

8:30am - Networking and continental breakfast
9am - Workshop
12noon - Wrap-up and networking

$25 for pre-registered members and $40 for pre-registered non-members who register by the Wednesday just prior to the workshop (add $10 after Wednesday)
** Credit cards only - no cash or checks accepted at the door

Conceiving, developing, and marketing a product is a team sport involving people responsible for product management, product marketing management, engineering, market research, product design, competitive research, portfolio management, distribution, sales, training, finance, support, and legal. It is a team sport requiring interpersonal and interorganizational skills. This workshop, a shorter version of the typical one-day workshop with exercises, provides an overview.


  1. Team formed:
    • Decision making: Roles and responsibilities
    • Product project management
    • What to do when the team is formed
  2. Team formed:
    • Getting along: 11 principles from David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard
    • Key competencies for success
    • Leadership
    • Mediation
    • Negotiation
  3. Doing the job:
    • 6 keys to product team success (SPICES)
      • Product market strategy
      • Process
      • Relevant and actionable information
      • Understanding what the customer wants to do
      • Systems and tools to get the job done
      • Documentation
    • Understanding the customer's journey and how each group responsible affects that part
    • Working with sales, development, senior management, marketing, training, distribution, operations, support, test, and other groups
    • What's different in a startup vs. large organization

About the Speaker:
David Fradin could be the oldest, (perhaps, most experienced) still working product manager with 48 years of experience with over 75 products and services, having founded eight companies and worked at three startups and at HP, Apple and Nielsen's DataQuest. He has a BS in interdisciplinary engineering from University of Michigan with minors in interpersonal and organizational behavior. Before joining HP, he was one of the world’s first environmental mediators. Fradin is the author of “Building Insanely Great Products” and Wiley’s seven volume textbook "Foundations in the Successful Management of Products" covering the entire product life cycle with over 130 topics. He can be found online on Linkedin at or on Twitter at davidfradin1.


SVPMA Workshop Series:
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