Topic and Speaker:

"How to Dominate Your Market as the Go-To: A Step-by-Step Guide to Standing Out in a Crowded Market for Higher Margins and Sustainable Growth" with Theresa Lina Stevens, Lina Group, Inc.

Saturday, December 8th from 8:30am to 12noon


Embassy Suites Santa Clara – Silicon Valley
(conference rooms are on the 2nd floor)
2885 Lakeside Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054

8:30am - Networking and continental breakfast
9am - Workshop
12noon - Wrap-up and networking

$25 for pre-registered members and $40 for pre-registered non-members who register by the Wednesday just prior to the workshop (add $10 after Wednesday)
** Credit cards only - no cash or checks accepted at the door

How do some companies and products grow like crazy and each become the premium-priced Go-To in their markets – the first name that comes to mind as the superior solution to a particular market problem – while others must compete on price and watch margins shrink?  The difference is that the Go-To follows a time-tested, four-part approach to market dominance that leads to not just short-term but truly sustainable differentiation and growth.

  • Find out why most companies and products are even more commoditized than they realize – and how to avoid the commodity trap
  • Learn why it is such a struggle to get customers to see what is so great about your product and how to overcome that
  • Examine the marketing mistakes that squander limited budgets and how to put those dollars to highest and best use
  • Discover the factors missing from popular “customer development” and “lean” methodologies that will help ensure broad market adoption and momentum in addition to customer adoption

During this lively, interactive workshop with more doing than listening, you will learn a step-by-step, strategic framework for market dominance and walk out with your own one-page plan for becoming the Go-To in your space. In just three hours, you will develop an entirely fresh take on your product’s positioning, marketing, customer experience and future outlook.

You will be able to apply these tools to your own product or business situation:

  • The four pillars of differentiation that assure you will stand apart from the crowd
  • The One-Page Market Dominance Plan template, which you will fill out for your situation as we go along
  • A way of positioning your offering such that customers immediately see the value
  • A framework for identifying the handful of marketing actions unique to your situation that will have the most impact on your brand
  • A product management checklist for ensuring that you can deliver on your value proposition
  • A methodical approach to gaining market momentum, building market devotion to your offering, and staying ahead of competitive threats

Based on the groundbreaking Apollo Method for Market Dominance, this fun, entertaining yet practical workshop will leave you inspired and with an actionable plan you can start implementing immediately.

About the Speaker:
Theresa Lina Stevens is the founder and president of Lina Group, Inc., a strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in market dominance and differentiation strategy, primarily for technology companies. Known for her entertaining presentation style, Theresa is a popular speaker and workshop presenter on topics such as market dominance, vision development, strategy, marketing, content marketing, message development and pitching. She is involved in the School of Engineering at Stanford University and advises the student-led Stanford Marketing Group. She has served as chief marketing officer for Internet-related startups and began her career at Accenture. After several years there as a management consultant, Theresa helped found the firm’s Communications Industry Group. She served as its Director of Worldwide Marketing and helped lay the foundation for what has become a multi-billion-dollar business.


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