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What Do Product Leaders Do? (and How Can I Become One?)
Rich Mironov, CEO, Mironov Consulting
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Impact of AI in Business
Deepti Chafekar, Data Science Manager, AppZen
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Crossing the Ocean: The Journey from Product to Services Product Management
Nupur Thakur, Chief Product Officer, Grafty Inc.

April workshop
Storytelling Skills for Product Management Success: How to Motivate Others, Communicate Priorities, and Secure Support for Your Initiatives
JD Schramm, Senior Lecturer/Faculty Director, Columbia CDL (Bay Area) Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

A Good Product is Not Enough
Jill Soley, VP Platform, Cloverpop

So I Didn't Get the Job, Now What?
Tom Brouchoud, Director, Symantec
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Game Face: Hone Your Storytelling and Communication Skills
Brendon Wilson, Product Manager, Amazon
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Competitive Intelligence: The PM Perspective
Wayne Greene, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, RigD
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