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Branding for Builders
Gibson Biddle, former Netflix/Chegg VP/CPO
Gibson's Branding for Builders article on Medium
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Three Reasons Why People Buy Your Product
Jamie Barnett, High Technology Leader, Adjunct Lecturer
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SVPMA Job Fair


Recruiter Panel - How do recruiters really evaluate product managers?
Tom Brochoud, Director of Talent Acquisition at Visa; Britt Thomas, HR Operations at Synopsis; Amanda Hippe, Recruiting Strategist of Design and Product Management at Intuit; and Pramod Shintri, Talent Acquisition Lead at Phantom
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Monetizing Innovation - How Smart Companies Design the Product Around the Price
Madhavan Ramanujam, Partner & Board Member at Simon-Kucher & Partners


An Inside Look at the Customer Discovery and Product Development Process
Kayla Matheus, Founder and CEO of
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Comfortable Networking Techniques
Theresa Lina Stevens, Lina Group Inc.
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Product Management for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Daniel Elizalde, Founder of TechProductManagement
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April Workshop
Making Your Professional Reputation Shine
Jamie Barnett, Chief Marketing Officer at Netskope
Amy Cuddy's TED Talk on body language
Deborah Gruenfeld's talk


Owning and Expanding Your Executive Presence
JD Schramm, Ed.D., Class of 1978 Lecturer, Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business
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Storytelling for Maximum Influence: How to Tell Great Stories That Will Enroll Stakeholders in Your Product Vision
Dan Kimble, CEO of Resonance Executive Coaching
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Advocacy Marketing and its Value to Product Management
Dan Lindblom, Board of Directors at Customer Stories
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Rules for Disrupting Sleepy Markets
Guru Chahal, VP of Products at Avi Networks
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