Open Positions

(all positions are unpaid and receive no compensation)

Job Fair

  • Pre-Event Help:  Solicit hiring companies, prepare event announcement, confirm with hiring companies, and manage logistics for the event
  • Day of the Event: Greet hiring companies, help them set up, and resolve any issues
  • Post Event: Conduct post-event survey and compile results

Contact:  John

Marketing Communications

Contact:  Theresa

Monthly Events

  • Research, contact, and secure guest speakers

Contact:  Debashish


Contact:  Tom

Product Camp

Contact:  Tom


One hour prior to monthly event, greet and check in attendees using the registration list.  Cheerful personality and willingness to meet new people is helpful.  A seasoned helper will be nearby for support and to handle issues beyond basic check-in.

Contact:  Liz

Social Networking Events 

  • Research new venues
  • Facilitate networking programs

Contact:  John


Contact:  (position is vacant)  email Liz in the interim 

Web Site

  • Support back-end of web site
  • Prior experience with WordPress and HTML is required

Contact: Tom


  • Research, contact, and secure quarterly guest speakers for Saturday workshops

Contact:  Mayla