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Skills You Need to Succeed as a Product Manager - Panel Discussion

Moderator:Rich Mironov, Mironov Consulting
Christina Noren, Senior VP Solutions, Splunk
Greg Cohen, Senior Principal Consultant, 280 Group
Ivan Chalif, The Productologist
Tom Grant, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

---No Presentation Slides---

Top Ten Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging: Objective Criteria Equips Marketing to Accelerate Revenue Growth
Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging
Michael Cannon,CEO Silver Bullet Group


Web Reputations: Putting Social Media to Work in Your Products and Product Management Processes
Presentation Slides:Web Reputations (Avoiding Social Media Landmines in PM)
Randy Farmer,Randy Farmer, Social Media Strategist

How to Create a $100 Million Business and Out Innovate your Competition
Presentation Slides:Product Managers Need Sneekers
SlideShare link :Product Managers Need Sneekers
Steve Blank,Serial Entrepreneur, University Professor at U.C Berkeley and Stanford University

What Makes Product Management Different in Life Sciences
Jennifer Turcotte,Vice President of Marketing at Complete Genomics, Inc..
Dione K. Bailey, Ph.D. Director of Product Management at Complete Genomics, Inc.

From a Start-up to an S & P500 A Product Marketing Journey
Baruch Deutsch, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Cisco Systems.

Best Practices in Product Managemebt for V1 Web Products
Slideshare :
Dan Olsen, CEO,

Strategy to Execution in These Trying Times
Barbara Nelson, Instructor, Pragmatic Marketing, Inc.

Who Cares? Guiding Products to Greatness Through the Eyes of Your Stakeholders
Kimberly Wiefling,
founder of Wiefling Consulting, LLC.

PCAMP : Third Annual P-Camp for Product Managers and Product Marketers
Summary: P-Camp_03.2010 Summary.pdf

How to get that next Product Management job!
Shreyas Doshi, Product Manager, Google

Intellectual Property, Copyrights, and Trademarks with Varun Shah, Patent Attorney
Varun A. Shah, Patent Attorney, Hickman Palermo Truong & Becker LLP

The Art of Pitching for Product Managers and Entrepreneurs, no presentation available
Moderator: Bill Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, IncentAlign
* Avery Lyford, Managing Director, Signal Lake
* Tom Buiocchi, Chief Executive Officer, data robotics, inc.
* Will Bunker, Entrepreneur, White Space Ventures



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