"From Product Management to Journey Management" with Kerry Bodine, CEO, Kerry Bodine & Co.

When and Where: 
Wednesday, December 5th in Palo Alto

As the field of customer experience continues to take hold in organizations, a new function has emerged to help ensure the design and delivery of successful (and profitable!) experiences: Journey managers. But while these intrepid CX champions represent one of the most important organizational advancements since the creation of the Chief Customer Officer, most professionals have yet to encounter a Journey Manager within their organizations -- or to develop a working knowledge of their typical job responsibilities and challenges. That's because journey managers are still relatively rare.




"How to Dominate Your Market as the Go-To: A Step-by-Step Guide" with Theresa Lina Stevens, Lina Group, Inc.

When and Where: 
Saturday, December 8th in Santa Clara


How do some companies and products grow like crazy and each become the premium-priced Go-To in their markets – the first name that comes to mind as the superior solution to a particular market problem – while others must compete on price and watch margins shrink? The difference is that the Go-To follows a time-tested, four-part approach to market dominance that leads to not just short-term but truly sustainable differentiation and growth.





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