Will you help take Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) to the next level?  Whether you are a current SVPMA member, new to the organization, or returning, we are looking for industry professionals like you to contribute your expertise to a SVPMA event or program.

Volunteering can fit in to your busy schedule; select the level that is right for you. Volunteer for a specific one-time project, like Product Camp or for an ongoing activity like writing event summaries every month, every other month, once a quarter, or even once a year.  The choice is yours, choose from a list of open volunteer positions or let us know your ideas on how you would like to help. We are very grateful for our hardworking volunteers!


  • Broaden your skill set: Learn, refine, or demonstrate a skill set to add to your resume or use to accelerate your career.
  • Expand your network: Meet and work with smart people while expanding your network in a meaningful way.
  • Get a LinkedIn profile recommendation: Complete assignment on-time and as agreed and receive a recommendation for your LinkedIn profile from one of the SVPMA Board of Directors.
  • Contribute to a growing community: Work side-by-side with SVPMA’s board members to deliver programs that meet the needs of the product management and marketing community while working on a project that you are passionate about.