• SVPMA monthly events and workshops provide sponsors with a unique opportunity to increase visibility and awareness, and reach a highly targeted and influential audience of product managers and product marketers at all levels.
  • Email invites go out to over 5,000 high-tech product management and product marketing professionals (including the SVPMA paid membership), three (3) times per month.
  • Our monthly events draw an average of 100 attendees who are eager to learn about new ideas, approached, and products that will help them in their profession.
  • Our multi-channel approach to event marketing ( website, event-day marketing, event invites and reminders, blog, co-marketing organizations, and discussion forums) provides a consistent message to our members about your products and services.
  • Sponsors have an opportunity to present topics (seminars, panel discussions, workshops and newsletter articles) that address core needs of the members, while building a brand following and thought leadership in the minds of product management/marketing professionals.
  • Sponsors have an opportunity to make available marketing collateral and promotions, and make announcements to our members on the day of the event.
  • Our annual packages provide consistent visibility for your organization across all channels, while giving you a great opportunity to showcase your services.

SVPMA provides a great business opportunity for your organization, while supporting the professional product management/marketing community.

To explore sponsorship opportunities with SVPMA, please visit our contact page.