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A photograph of a 1-on-1 meeting

Panel Discussion: Rewards and Challenges of Being a Product Manager

An enlightening panel discussion with some of our current SVPMA Board members, who are also experienced Product Management professionals, talking about the rewards and challenges of being a product manager. We will share major do’s and don’ts of product management, as well as “tales from the field”. We will touch on some typical rewards of…
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From a Start-up to an S&P 500 – A Product Marketing Journey

July 2010From a Start-up to an S&P 500 – A Product Marketing JourneyBaruch Deutsch, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Cisco Systems.#Startups#Entrepreneurship#Growth#Org#Strategy

Strategic Marketing at Cisco

April  2008Strategic Marketing at Cisco Dean Eyers, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Cisco#Marketing#Market_Analysis#Strategy#Growth#Tools