Monthly Event: The Usual Suspects – Solutions Beneath the Surface of Organizational Chaos

Date:  Wednesday, November 5th from 6:30pm to 9pm 

Speaker:  Dr. Gary Katzenstein, Haas School at UC Berkeley

Summary: As any product manager will tell you, modern organizational life can be stressful and complicated.  Every day, we face complex and contradictory situations.  The Usual Suspects framework is a deceptively simple set of tools that tackle and tame much of the complexity and confusion, a kind of organizational x-ray.  It allows any manager to quickly, confidently, and humanely find solutions.

In this talk, Dr. Gary will use a case study from the United States Mint to help you identify these organizational complexities and demonstrate how to manage them.  Take a few minutes to read the Mint Case Study and listen to Dr. Gary's podcast ahead of time to make this an even more fun and informational event.




Workshop: Influence Tactics for Startup and Corporate Pitches

Date: Saturday, January 24th from 8:30am to 12noon

Speaker: Chris Lipp, Author

Summary: As Product Managers, you are constantly called upon to "pitch" your products.  In other words, you must educate, influence, and advocate.  Whether providing your sales team with the necessary technical expertise, ensuring that your executives and customers and up to date on new developments, or pitching your startup to investors, you need the skills to succeed.










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