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A photo of Tom Brouchoud

So I Didn’t Get the Job, Now What?

Finding a new job is emotionally and physically draining. In all honesty, finding a new job… stinks. Tom will be leading a discussion on the skills necessary to find a job and how to make the job search process enjoyable. He will discuss everything from writing an awesome resume, pro-active networking, company outreach, interviewing like a…
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A photograph of a 1-on-1 meeting

Recruiter Panel

How do recruiters really evaluate product management candidates? Why do some people find jobs more easily than others? If you’re curious to know the answers to questions like these, then come to the SVPMA recruiter panel.  This event will include senior recruiters from leading companies that hire professionals in product management and product marketing. This…
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Have we reached the end of B2B marketing in the IT industry as we know it?

“Have we reached the end of B2B marketing in the IT industry as we know it?” with Ann Ruckstuhl, Marketing Executive at Symantec June 2011 Event Reviewed by Tej Ravindra Ann launched her June 1st talk to our SVPMA group with the following premise. The trifecta of IT consumerization, Internet and the lingering recession has…
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Consumer Software Brand Management

November 2006Consumer Software Brand Management Erin Hintz, Vice President of Worldwide Consumer Marketing, Symantec#Marketing#Communication#Strategy