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Bridging Data Into Action

October Event Review: “Bridging Data Into Action” panel discussion with Jennifer Berkley Jackson, Steve Chalgren, Tanguy Leborgne, Ajay Nilaver, and Brian Sohmers by Dan Galatin October 2013 Event Jennifer Berkley Jackson, Founder at The Insight Advantage, moderated a lively panel discussion on October 2nd about how to take action based on market data. The panelists…
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Lean Customer Collaboration in Product Management

By Alpa Agarwal Customer collaboration is at the heart of all “lean” software development and is critical to success. Great product management leaders must ensure their teams have access to valid customer feedback quickly, cheaply and continuously for all products in their portfolios. Building a continuous process for “lean customer feedback” is an area of…
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The Art of Road-Map Prioritization and Trade Offs: Methods for Smarter Product Management

“Tips on Product Roadmapping & Prioritization” with Barbara Nelson, VP Marketing, Construction & Real Estate at Sage                                                                  By Alpa Agarwal September 2013 Event Product roadmapping & prioritization is the most important function of a product manager. And since it’s been done for so long, it should have become a science. But as Barbara Nelson,…
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Connecting the Dots: Decision-Making for Next-Generation Products

“Connecting the Dots: Decision-Making for Next-Generation Products” with Vanee Pho, Senior Product Manager, Life Technologies by Lisa Rathjens August 2013 Event Vanee Pho, an accomplished product manager, spoke to a packed house for the first in a three-part SVPMA series intriguingly titled “Innovation to Execution.” Holder of both a Ph.D. and an MBA, Vanee is…
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When Your Culture is Their Product

June Event Review: “When Your Culture is Their Product” with Richard Lyons, PhD, Dean UC Berkeley Haas Business School by Helene Eichler July 2013 Event Dr. Lyons opened SVPMA’s July meeting with “Leaders set culture” a provocative quote from the former CEO of Levis. But how and why do leaders set organizational culture is the…
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Workshop – Business Writing

June 2014 Workshop Barry Mohn, Speak and Write #Communication #Org #Marketing #Sales #Thought_Leadership #Tools

Pricing Revealed, What Every Product Manager Should Know

“Pricing Revealed, What Every Product Manager Should Know” with Mark Stiving, Director of Pricing at Maxim Integrated  by Dan Galatin June 2013 Event Mark Stiving, Director of Pricing at Maxim Integrated, educator, author and coach discussed three key principles of effective pricing: know your value and charge for it; segment your pricing; and build a…
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Workshop – Making Products and Marketing More Human

May 2013 WorkshopMaking Products and Marketing More HumanKathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping It Human#Marketing #Communication #Startups #Entrepreneurship #Launch #Tools #Design #Sales #Ideation #Strategy

Build Better Products and Services Through ‘Optimal’ Customer Feedback

“Build Better Products and Services Through ‘Optimal’ Customer Feedback” with Greg Ryan, Marketing Consultant and former Cisco Product/Research Manager By Lisa Rathjens March 2013 Event Greg has over 20 successful years in the product manager sphere in a wide range of industries, at companies like Cisco, Schlage Lock, JD Powers, Nissan, Plantronics, and K2 Skis.…
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Solving Complex Problems with Simple Pictures

February Event Review: “Solving Complex Problems with Simple Pictures” with Dan Roam, Founder and President of Digital Roam Inc. by Dan Galatin February 2013 Dan Roam, Founder and President of Digital Roam Inc., presented at the February 6th meeting of the SVPMA.  Dan discussed and demonstrated how we can quickly and easily visualize the essentials…
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