Competitive Intelligence: The PM Perspective

A photo of Wayne Greene

Whether it be digital or feed on the street competitive intelligence, the role of how Product Management uses competitive intelligence in influencing product direction is not often talked about.

In this talk, Wayne Greene will talk about:

  • How CI is used in the different phases of the product life cycle
  • How to avoid getting lost in the product-feature gap analysis trap
  • How competitive information should be used in product roadmaps, and which ones
  • How product strategy uses competitive information

Come prepared for a no holds barred presentation and lively discussion on the dark arts of Product Management.

About the Speaker

Wayne Greene, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, RigD

Wayne Greene is a Product Management and IT industry veteran with experience in the areas of semiconductors, digital circuits, IT operations management, and cloud. In addition to his experience with both hardware and software technologies, he is a driven product manager and marketer. His experience spans large companies, venture, and private equity-backed smaller firms, such as RigD where he is a Co-Founder and VP of Marketing. 

Since 2016, Wayne has spent his time consulting, staff augmenting, and advising. Prior to this, he was a Senior Director of Product Management at VMware for three years in the Cloud Management Business Unit. He was at Cisco Systems for four years serving as Director of Product Management in the Intelligent Automation Business Unit, driving product strategy for a variety of automation projects. At Tidal Software, a provider of industry leading IT automation products, Wayne served as VP of Products and Marketing.

His first venture into the software vendor space was at the Wily Technology Division of CA as a Director of Competitive and Market Intelligence. For the prior 18 years, Wayne called Hewlett Packard home and served in a variety of positions.
Wayne holds six patents, has a PhD from University of California, Berkeley, and an S.B. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His recent book, From Product Management to Product Leadership, is available from Amazon.