Start with Experiments: A Product Discovery Approach You Will Actually Use

How can you be customer-centric and hit your deadlines? Product discovery is the best way to validate and test ideas before they are sent to engineering. But teams have trouble being efficient at discovery. They fail to extract enough meaningful insights to make it worth the effort and so they go back to their bad habit of creating user experiences in a vacuum.

Drawing on 25 years of failures and successes in ecommerce, digital health, marketplaces, and other industries, Jim will explain how to use small experiments to make Product discovery efficient and valuable. You will learn concrete techniques, tips and advice on how to break down a user experience into small experiments that deliver actionable results.

Teams that use this small experiment approach:

  • Gain back time by being more efficient
  • Get better insights from their customer interviews
  • Save engineering time by avoiding mistakes
  • Conduct discovery more regularly

About the Speaker

Jim Morris, Founder, Product Discovery Group

Jim knows how to build and scale successful products. He co-founded PowerReviews which grew to 1,200+ clients and sold for $168 million. He also product-managed and architected one of the first ecommerce engines at online retailer which had a $450 million IPO. In 2015, Jim founded the Product Discovery Group which coaches product teams and leaders at startups and corporations to use product discovery to validate and test their ideas before building them. He has created a custom curriculum and training program that pulls from the best minds in Product Management and his 25 years of experience building apps and websites. Jim is based in San Francisco and helps clients engage their customers to test and validate ideas in ecommerce, machine learning, reporting/analysis, API development, computer vision, online payments, digital health, marketplaces, and more. He graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science.