From Product Roadmap to a Scalable Marketplace with Vishal Kapoor, Shipt

photo of the speaker

This talk will walk through a real-world case study of how OKRs are used to create a product roadmap while tracking execution for a wildly successful marketplace like Shipt. Shipt is a retail tech company and independently operated subsidiary of Target Corp. Available in more than 5,000 U.S. cities, it received Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service 2024 distinction in the online groceries category.


  • What distinguishes a good set of OKRs from bad ones
  • How to prioritize ideas based on output instead of outcomes
  • How to track execution with discipline

About the Speaker

Vishal Kapoor is a product executive who has built, launched, and scaled products impacting multi-billion-dollar P&Ls at Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, Lyft, and Shipt. His peers regard him as a visionary leader who combines business acumen, technical expertise, and customer obsession. He is passionate about solving large-scale problems using an outcome-oriented, and collaborative approach. Connect with him at