Build Your Story: You Won’t Win Without It

To get your B2B product and service offerings noticed, prioritized and dominating in today’s crowded and buyer-centric market, your story is critical. But here’s the catch, it’s not your story; it’s the story of your customer that you need to connect with. Master this and get ready to see leads to revenue and other key metrics hike up to 6x.

In this rapid fire discussion you will build your breakthrough story using a proven methodology implemented by both large and small companies including FireEye, Electric Cloud, Jumio, and Nimsoft and inspired by the same model used by Disney and George Lucas.

Co-presenters in this unique format are the framework creator Ken Rutsky and Electric Cloud’s Director of Product Marketing Tim Johnson, a successful implementer who will share his inside tips in making this work.

About the Speakers

Tim Johnson, Director of Product Marketing, Electric Cloud

Ken Rutsky, Consultant, Strategist, & Author, Launching to Leading

Ken Rutsky has spent 20+ years in B2B marketing roles, launching the Intel Inside broadcast co-op program in 1991 and the Internet’s first affiliate marketing program, Netscape Now, at Netscape from 1995-99; has been CMO at several start-ups; and has run network security marketing at McAfee where he developed and executed a marketing strategy that grew their web security business from $60M to nearly $200M. As the the founder and principal consultant at KJR Associates, Inc., Ken’s clients have generated over $6B of shareholder value through IPOs and acquisitions. In addition, several others have reached private equity valuations of $1B+. He is also author of “Launching to Leading: How B2B Market Leaders Breakthrough, Lead, and Transform their Markets”.  Ken earned an M.B.A. from Stanford and a B.A. in Material Sciences from Northwestern University.