Five Reasons Why Your Product is Not Ready for AI… And How To Get There with Ryan Withop, Director of Analytics & Growth at RingCentral


Five Reasons Why Your Product is Not Ready for AI… And How To Get There


Ryan Withop, Director of Analytics & Growth, RingCentral


If you spend any amount of time reading about high-tech, it seems as if everyone has artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) as their secret sauce. The reality for most products is that AI is an incremental optimization, not a game changer. Historically, product teams have rushed development cycles to be perceived as relevant in AI, yet find the gains to be marginal and the resources required to maintain these systems burdensome.

In this talk, we will discuss two real-world SaaS companies and highlight the common mistakes made by jumping straight into AI before creating a solid foundation of user engagement. You will learn how to differentiate AI, ML, data science; how to produce your first predictive model; the staff, systems, and processes required for delivering continuous intelligence; the five things you must do before considering AI, and, a bonus, three shortcuts to adopting ML faster.

About the Speaker

As the Director of Analytics & Growth at RingCentral, Ryan Withop is responsible for product-led growth initiatives and standardizing the methods and metrics used to drive true business momentum. Previous roles include stints at WeVideo, Ellen Degeneres Digital, and Electronic Arts. Ryan is a three time top conference speaker in predictive analytics, leaning on his experience from SaaS companies large and small looking to optimize user engagement through analytics and product-led growth practices. Having two decades of experience in Analytics, Product Management, and User Behavior, he melds the psychology of how users make decisions with data-backed processes that reveal opportunities for product improvement. Ryan has started three software companies, earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly, holds CPSO/CSM certifications, and further work in data architecture and predictive analytics from Stanford and Duke. He can be reached at