Product Professionals: Updating & Using Your Resume as Your Personal “Product Brochure”

A photo of Jim Schibler

We product managers and product marketers are typically so busy with our products that we often do not get around to managing our careers by marketing ourselves effectively. When did you last update your personal marketing document – your resume?

With the pace of industry change, you can never be certain when role-changes and opportunities may pop up.

Do not wait for New Years’ resolutions.  This is your chance to check in, dust off your personal marketing materials, and be ready with compelling materials for the next steps in your PM, PMM, or product leadership career.

This evening’s interactive presenter Jim Schibler will update us on the latest changes in how resumes are used today, what makes a stand-out and compelling PM, PMM or product leader resume, and how to use that effectively to promote yourself in the modern job market.  We will participate in some exercises focusing on important points, and help you identify updates that make your resume more effective.

About the Speaker

Jim Schibler, Product Management Leader & Career Consultant

Jim Schibler has excelled in product management and marketing for over 20 years. He brought 5 generations of innovative laboratory software to market, led SD Forum’s Marketing SIG for 4 years, and has advised several startups. He uses his strategy, marketing, and coaching skills to help other professionals make the next step forward in their careers, and is looking for his next product management leadership role at a software/internet company.