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A photograph of Gibson Biddle

Branding for Builders

December Event Review: “Branding for Builders” with Gibson Biddle, former Netflix/Chegg VP/CPO By Geoff Anderson Gibson started with a question: If you had a $50 gift certificate for either Uber or Lyft, which would you choose?  The audience clearly had a preference for Lyft, and a short discussion about the companies’ respective reputations followed.  This was…
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API’s: Opening Up Business and Providing Avenues for Growth

“APIs: Opening up Business and Providing Avenues for Growth” Panel discussion moderated by Delyn Simons, VP, Developer Platform at Mashery with: Daniel Jacobson, Director of Engineering API, Netflix, DeVaris Brown, API Product Manager and Evangelist, Zendesk, Rich Manalang, Developer Advocate, Atlassian Sam Ramji, Vice President, Strategy, Apigee. By Cindy F. Solomon April 2013 Event Delyn…
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