April 2015 Event

“Innovate or Die – Technology, Innovation, and Product Management: A Discussion and Case Study” with Nivedita Ojha, Sr. Director Product Management at Citrix By Dan Galatin Nivedita Ojha, Senior Director of Product Management at Citrix, presented at the April 1st meeting of the SVPMA.  Nivedita discussed the whys and hows of innovation both inside and…
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December 2014 Event

“Shifting to an Experimental Mindset: The Dos and Don’ts of Hypothesis Testing” with Teresa Torres, Product Consultant & Coach, former CEO By Lisa Rathjens “Wisdom is the balance between knowledge and doubt.” It’s not often that product managers are encouraged to actively question their confidence in their own product ideas. But doubt is exactly what…
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June 2014 Event

“Extending Agile Practices to Large Distributed Teams” with Luke Hohmann, Founder and CEO, Conteneo By Dan Galatin Luke Hohmann, Founder and CEO of Conteneo, presented at the June 4th meeting of the SVPMA.  Mr. Hohmann discussed powerful techniques

May 2014 Event

Walmart’s Agile Journey: How we scaled from 1 to 135 Agile Teams with Kamal Manglani, Sr. Mgr. & Agile Lead and Dawn Marshall, Sr. Product leader Health and Wellness, Walmart Labs GeC by Lisa Rathjens When most of us think of Agile engineering processes, we think of software development, Scrum, Kanban, and software sprints. But…
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April 2014 Event

“3 Tools to Increase Your Productivity Immediately” with Senia Maymin, Ph.D, Profit from the Positive, LLC By Tej Ravindra April’s SVPMA speaker was author and executive coach Senia Maymin. Senia outlined and taught three tools that we can apply right away to increase productivity in both our professional and personal lives. The key points that…
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March 2014 Event

“Elevating from Consumer to Mission Critical Value” with Brian Cox, Senior Director of Marketing for Enterprise Solutions, SanDisk By Clara Kuo High tech companies – just like people – are often are trying to reinvent themselves, and often the change is seen as necessary to stay relevant in the marketplace.

January 2014 Event

“Charting a Career Path to Your Dream Product Management Job” with Muffi Ghadiali, VP Product Management, OUYA Inc., Advisor and Lecturer at Stanford CSP. By Kishore Elimineti Muffi started off talking about three important perspectives that every Product Manager should know to build a successful career in Product Management. WHO IS A PRODUCT MANAGER? Product Manager…
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December 2013 Event

“How to Get In, Move Up, and Excel in Product Management” with Panel – John Cook, Disruptive Products Guy, Nokia; Rashmi Menon, Product and Strategy Consultant; Sandy Cook, Senior Director of Product Management, Minted By Pushpa Chandrashekaraiah  The panel moderated by Gal Josefsberg, VP Products at Social Chorus, provided a great mixture of PM perspectives…
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November 2013 Event

Building Great Products the Lean Startup Way with Dan Olsen, Interim VP Product Management, Product Management Consultant, Olsen Solutions by Tejaswini Ravindra Dan Olsen did a very informative presentation on how to apply Lean Startup principles and cover best practices in understanding customer needs, prioritization, UX design, user testing, and analytics that can be used to…
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October 2013 Mini-Session

“The Factors That Make Product Teams Successful” with Ron Lichty, Software Engineering Manager and Product Development Consultant by Dan Galatin Ron Lichty, a consultant and expert on managing software development teams, presented a special breakout session at the October 2nd meeting of the SVPMA. Mr. Lichty is a coauthor, along with Greg Geracie, of a recent…
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