Be The Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Charge More, and Have Customers Love You For It

Are customers failing to see what sets your company or product apart?  What is pushing your prices (and margins) down?  Healthy prices and profits are a company’s lifeblood, critical for funding current operations and future growth.  Yet too many companies or their products look alike.  They are then forced to compete on price alone.  Instead, they should aim for clear, sustainable differentiation, owning the market as the enduring Go-To brand. 

During this engaging presentation full of success stories, bestselling author, Theresa Lina, will share a pragmatic, four-part recipe for becoming the Go-To in your market.  Learn what companies like Tesla, Disney, Apple, Lego, Salesforce, and Amazon, and even an undertaking like the Apollo Space Program, have done to achieve their moonshots and dominate.  If you want to drive game-changing solutions into your markets and deliver results that have customers flocking to you, this entertaining, research-based presentation will help you develop your own plan for becoming the Go-To!

About the Speaker

Theresa Lina, Bestselling Author and CEO of Lina Group

Theresa M. Lina has over twenty years of experience as a recognized Silicon Valley thought leader and strategist.  She is the CEO of Lina Group, Inc., which specializes in market dominance strategy.  She has also been involved at Stanford University since 2006, where she is currently a course facilitator for several leadership and strategy courses at the Graduate School of Business.  She has served as chief strategy and marketing officer for several technology startups and has advised executives at hundreds of companies, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Nike, Disney, Cisco, Verizon, dozens of other recognized names, and many smaller, niche companies.  She began her career at Accenture, where she helped found, lead, and grow what is now a multibillion-dollar business unit within the company.  Theresa is a frequent speaker and workshop leader on strategy, market leadership and innovation. Visit her website at

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