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Guest Post: How do you become a Chief Product Officer?

By Peter Franks Of all the C-level functions, the Chief Product Officer role is one of the newest and most important.  Within my own headhunting career, the role has emerged from relative obscurity to become one of the searches we are most frequently asked to undertake.

How to Harness Crowdsourcing for Product Development

By Daphne Lefran Research and development used to be viewed as a strenuous process with single-room focus groups, telephone interviews and paper surveys.  With the advent of the internet and social media platforms, it’s gotten a lot simpler to gain useful insights into what your customers want.

How Product Managers Lead Through Communication

by Barry Mohn – Speak and Write “Our product managers need to be the CEOs of their products.”  This is what a senior director declared at a meeting I attended recently.  We were there to discuss leadership training for his Silicon Valley high-tech company, and the focus that day was squarely on his product managers’…
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The Most Commonly Cited Reasons for a Failed Product Launch

By Greg Geracie, President, Actuation Consulting  Since 2012 we have been investigating the various aspects that enable product teams to achieve high performance. Each year product launch is consistently cited as a problem area. There are several reasons why this area is so problematic

Where should Product Management report in the organization?

By Kishore Elimineti Product Managers collaborate and work with Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Support teams. They drive strategy and bring products to market. Product managers report into different departments, often depending on the size, focus and culture of the organization. It is very difficult to say a specific department is the right home for Product Managers…
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Why “Solutions Approach” Wins as most effective for Product Development and Product Management?

Part 3: While growing (crossing the Chasm) and continuing to be the market leader By Anna Pasupathy You have won the first customer now. Your approach to the second set of customers is also a solution approach, and not a product approach. The customer buys your product for the value it delivers – be it…
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Why “Solutions Approach” Wins as most effective for Product Development and Product Management?

Part 2: During Product Creation By Anna Pasupathy With razor-sharp focus on core product value and ample infrastructure built around it to win the customer’s heart, Voila! The expert team has constructed a skeletal product. Staging the product at this time requires utmost care since missing any major element poses a risk to the product’s…
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Why “Multitasking” is inefficient, but unavoidable for Product Managers?

By Kishore Elimineti Product Managers are the CEOs of their products and ensure that they ship an awesome product that customer’s love. Product Managers have business acumen as well as engineering

Why “Solutions Approach” Wins as most effective for Product Development and Product Management!

 By Anna Pasupathy Over the next 2 Months we’ll be rolling-out a three part article series on Why and How Solutions Approach helps create and manage effective products that win market acceptance. Part – 1:  During Product Conception Companies set out to develop a product that serves a critical need. This is how a product…
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Lean Customer Collaboration in Product Management

By Alpa Agarwal Customer collaboration is at the heart of all “lean” software development and is critical to success. Great product management leaders must ensure their teams have access to valid customer feedback quickly, cheaply and continuously for all products in their portfolios. Building a continuous process for “lean customer feedback” is an area of…
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