Experience the Customer Discovery Process While Shaping the Future of SVPMA


Wednesday, October 11, 2023 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm PT


Experience the Customer Discovery Process While Shaping the Future of SVPMA




This month’s meeting is a break from tradition and serves a dual purpose – come join us to enhance your Customer Discovery skills while offering customer input into the future of SVPMA.

Last month, John Mansour of Product Management University led us through Top-Down Customer Discovery. This month, we’re going a step further with an immersive experience to illustrate techniques he shared. And who better to practice on than our own organization? 

We’ll start with a live demonstration of Customer Discovery in action. You’ll then have the opportunity to role play as both an interviewer and “customer” of SVPMA in small discussion groups. Build your professional network and new skills while also sharing what you’d like to get from SVPMA in 2024 and beyond. 

Whether you’ve been a regular for years or are attending your first meeting, we want to hear what you have to say! Anyone with an interest in product management is invited, regardless of your location.

This month’s meeting will include:

  • A quick recap of the Customer Discovery process shared last month
  • A facilitated live group demonstration of a brief customer discovery session, followed by discussion
  • Breakout groups giving you the opportunity to practice from each side of the table
  • A discussion of what would help you advance your product management career:
    • What are you trying to accomplish at work and/or in your career and why is it important? What’s stopping you and why?
    • What frustrates you most in both your job and career?
    • What hard and soft skills would you like to develop or fine tune?
    • What are your most pressing priorities?…Meeting more product management people? Job search? Exposure to career opportunities? Understanding the impact of key product management trends? Something else?
    • What topics and thought leaders are you most interested in?
    • What should change about SVPMA and what should stay the same?

We’re curious about what’s important to you and what would help you achieve your breakthrough goals. This will be a highly engaging, inspirational, and fun mix of brainstorming, breakout group interaction, debate, and general discussion to help ensure we give you what you’re looking for in SVPMA in 2024, all while experiencing what it’s like to participate in Customer Discovery. So please join us and chime in!