Making Your Product Famous: What Product Managers Need To Know About PR

As Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, Product Marketers, Owners & Designers, we’ve all dreamed of our own “Steve Jobs” moment, introducing a world-changing product onstage, and making our product famous on stage, screen, the press, and the Internet.  PR coverage is essential for many successful product launches, but how many of us really know today’s media landscape?  What’s involved in making a product “virally” famous, and landing feature coverage with top news outlets and elsewhere?

As a product professional, what should you know before you are interviewed about your product and company?  How should you handle issues when a product launch doesn’t go as planned, and the audience sees a “blue crash screen”, or a baseball breaks a shatter-proof window in a public product launch demonstration?  In this presentation, Cara Sloman and Peggy Tierney Galvin from Nadel Phelan, Inc., will provide an overview of the evolving media landscape and best practices for securing media coverage that drives visibility and results.

About the Speakers

Cara Sloman, Executive Vice President, NPI

Cara has thrived in both corporate and agency environments for the past two decades. With a solid technology background and a keen eye for detail, Cara has collaborated with market leaders and startups alike to set industry agendas, establish thought leadership, build new categories, launch companies and navigate PR obstacles. Cara has helped shape Nadel Phelan’s brand, services and reputation for quality and results. With a charter for operational excellence, Cara is responsible for client strategy, while building and managing solid account teams that deliver results. 

Peggy Tierney Galvin, Director, NPI

Peggy develops integrated marketing strategies and programs. She balances client needs and priorities with our cross-functional teams to provide strategic perspective and effective solutions. Peggy helps brands differentiate themselves through creative, content-driven campaigns that deliver measurable business results.