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How to Supercharge Your Offshore Product Teams: A Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminating the Performance Gap Between Local and Offshore Teams with Boris Glants, founder and CPO of TurnKey Labs


Wednesday, November 6th from 6:30pm to 9pm


Oshman FJCC
Arrillaga Family Pavilion - FIRST FLOOR (near the park / elevator C)
3921 Fabian Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303


6:30pm: Registration/networking
7:30pm: Presentation
9pm: Wrap-up/networking


Free for SVPMA members
$30 for non-members who register before the day of the event
$40 for non-members who register online or in person on the day of the event
** Credit cards only - no cash or checks accepted at the door


Why do companies often face crippling challenges when working with offshore, remote, and geographically dispersed teams?  All those challenges boil down to one core problem: the team’s effectiveness. How we make our teams as successful as possible, unleashing everyone’s creativity and productivity, depends on the culture we foster.

The companies that reap the greatest rewards of high functioning product teams that are geographically dispersed, leverage three core principles

  • The culture they foster enables decentralized, rapid, iterative decisions with the greatest levels of ownership 
  • The people they hire, fire, and promote embody their culture and values
  • The processes they establish serve as guardrails that enable their culture to thrive

In this stimulating, high energy, and thought provoking presentation, you will learn how some product management executives boost the productivity of their remote teams, and how all product managers and product team members can wield greater influence on the culture of their dispersed teams.  You can share your experiences (good and bad) of working with dispersed product teams and tie these experiences to the proprietary Remote Team Effectiveness Framework

You will learn:

  • The core principles of effective teams and why it is critical to get them right from the start
  • How to apply the principles when creating a new remote product team despite facing unpredictable roadblocks
  • How to troubleshoot problems with your existing teams and course correct without causing bad feelings or a “we/they” mentality
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your team as an individual contributor 

You will leave this interesting talk with clear, actionable steps you can immediately take to make your remote product teams as productive as your local teams.

Speaker Boris Glants

About the Speaker:

Boris Glants is a founder and CPO of TurnKey Labs, an offshore product development company, specializing in building out effective, remote teams for its clients.  Prior to co-founding TurnKey, Boris co-founded Tonic Health, a medical data collection company that works with top tier US health systems. At Tonic, Boris led the globally dispersed technology, security, and product teams, counting hundreds of people amongst its ranks.  When he is not working on building awesome global teams, he spends time taking a beating on the Aikido mat and then recovering and recharging with his family.

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