A Good Product is Not Enough

A photo of Jill Soley

Lots of good products fail.  There are many reasons, but one of the most common is the inability to connect with the market or build the right product for the market.  In this session, Jill will share some important lessons she learned (the hard way) about successfully bringing a product to market.


  • Increasing your chances of product success before starting development
  • Finding and connecting with your market
  • Aligning your team
  • Partnering effectively with Marketing

About the Speaker

Jill Soley, VP Platform, Cloverpop

Jill Soley is a strategic product and marketing executive and author of her new book, Beyond Product.  She has launched and grown innovative new products at well-known companies, such as Adobe and Freshworks, in addition to advising and consulting many startups.  Passionate about how teams work together as well as their results, Jill currently leads Product Management and Product Marketing for Cloverpop, a cloud-based software platform that helps businesses innovate with faster, better decision practices.